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This website is dedicated to the joy of coin collecting. I have been  a coin collector since 1992. I am mostly interested in coins from the Greek colonies at the banks of the Black Sea. In particular, I collect coins from Pantikapaion (Panticapaeum), Kingdom of Bosporus and Scythian arrow money that can be found along with some examples of coins from other Greek cities in this area like Phanagoreia, Gorgippia, Theodosia, Chersonesos, Dioskourias and some examples of celtic Ostrogoths in Crimea  in the section "North East Black Sea". I also have coins from Olbia, Isle of Berezan (Borysthenes), and Tyra that can be found in the section "North West Black Sea". 
The section "Roman Coins" depicts examples of  Imperial Roman Coins.
       In the section "Polish Kings", I present two series (PTTK Chelm and PTN Koszalin) of medals depicting the Rulers of Poland according to Polish painter Jan Matejko. The section "Modern Coins", provides examples of very interesting contemporary commemorative coins, Geocoins and medals by Portuguese sculptor Vasco Berardo. ALL COINS AND MEDALS PRESENTED ON THIS WEBSITE COME FROM MY PRIVATE COLLECTION.
I also provide links to very useful Websites and Articles dedicated to ancient coin collecting, unique coins, forgeries of ancient coins, and  numismatic and archeological mysteries. They can be found in the section "Numismatic News"                            
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Strona ta poswiecona jest  kolkcjonowaniu monet.  Jestem kolekcjonerem
i milosnikiem monet antycznych od 1992.  Kolekcjonuje przede wszystkim monety z kolonii
greckich znad Morza Czarnego. W mojej kolekcji znajduja sie monety z : Pantikapaion (Panticapaeum), Kingdom of Bosporus, Scythian arrow money,  Phanagoreia, Gorgippia, Theodosia, Ostrogoths in Crimea, Chersonesos, Dioskourias ktore mozna zobaczyc w sekcji "North East Black Sea". Posiadam takze monety z Olbii, Isle of Berezan (Borysthenes) i Tyry prezentowane w sekcji "North West Black Sea". Mam tez zbior monet z Cesarstwa Rzymskiego ktore sa dostepne w sekcji "Roman Coins"
W sekcji "Polish Kings" prezentuje dwie serie medali (PTTK Chelm and PTN Koszalin) o tematycze "Poczet Krolow i Ksiazat Polskich" wedlug Jana Matejki. W sekcji "Modern Coins" znajduja sie bardzo ciekawe monety wspolczesne, Geocoins i medale Portugalskiego rzezbiarza Vasco Berardo .  W sekcji "Numismatic News" kolekcjonerzy monet antycznych znajda linki do bardzo przydatnych stron  poswieconych numizmatyce. WSZYSTKIE PREZENTOWANE MONETY I MEDALE POCHODZA Z MOJEJ PRYWATNEJ KOLEKCJI

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