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II. Articles
Halley's comet portrayed on ancient coin
History Mystery: Ancients in America
Map of the World on a Phoenician coin
Map of the World on a Phoenician coin. Maps
III. Forgeries
Black Sea Hoard and other Apollonia diobol fakes
Pacatianus, Iotapianus, Silbannacus, Sponsianus
Ancient coins & modern fakes - How To Tell The Difference
Thracian tetradrachms - Imitations and Thrace
Thracian tetradrachms Forgeries
The Gorgons of Parion
Alexander the Great - imitations, copies, fakes
Modern Fakes of Ancient Coins
The Great God Pan
I. Falsy monet (Forgeries) - Starozyta Grecja (Ancient Greece):
II. Falsy monet (Forgeries) - Republika Rzymska (Roman Republic):
III. Falsy monet (Forgeries) - Imperium Rzymskie (Roman Empire):
IV. Falsy monet (Forgeries) - Bizancjum (Bizantine):
Justynian I
Antoninus Pius, Augustus, Aurelianus, Balbinus, Caligula, Caracalla, Constantius II, Cornelia Supera, Diadumenian, Domitian, Faustyna Senior, Geta, GordianII, GordianIII, Hadrian, Herennia Etruscilla, Jovian, Julia Domna, Julia Maesa, Julia Soemis, Leo I, Liciniusz I, Lucius Verus, Macrinus, MarcusAurelius, Matidia, Nero, Septimus Severus, Trajan Decius, Valens, Valentinian II, Vespasian, Vitelius.
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Falszywe monety sprzedane na aukcjach w Polsce

Forgeries of coins sold on polish auction site

Egnatius, Julius Caesar, Brvti Albinvs, Sicinius & Coponius
Ponizsze sekcje zostaly w calosci umieszczone na (the below sectoions - all forgeries - were moved to)
Olbia (Sarmathia), Pantikapaion, Mesembria, Thasos & Istros (Thrace),
Syracuse (Sycily), Tyra (Phoenicia), Macedonia (Philip II and Alexander III).
1. Coin Collecting for Beginners:
       Beginners Guide to Coin History:
(This website was found and suggested to be included on this webpage by LUKE, a young enthusiast of coin collecting)